Cryptonopoly 🎩


Multiplayer Cryptocurrency Game



Cryptonopoly is a four players board game that describes the concept of blockchain to the general public. It explores technical details of the subject, compares the difference to current centralized systems, and it creates a virtual simulation for one to experience the opportunity and role of being a participant among the blockchain ecosystem.



The game board of Cryptonopoly is similar to Monopoly's game board. Players start on Go, take turns to roll dices, and move around the board. Each player has to perform action according to the spot that he or she lands on.

Fiat Currency (Dollar)

Front | Back

Fiat currency, Dollar for short, is the main unit of value in Cryptonopoly. Dollars are needed to purchase cryptocurrencies, miners, and paying for some bills in the game. The total asset of a player will be valued in dollars.

Each Player gets 5000 dollars to start and here is the break down detail:

4 X 1000 dollar bills
7 X 100 dollar bills
5 X 50 dollar bills
5 X 10 dollar bills


Bitcoin - Front | Back

Ethereum - Front | Back

Token - Front | Back

Cryptonopoly has three different cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a fictional cryptocurrency called Token. Players will be buying and trading Bitcoin and Ethereum, which some of the items in the game are valued based on the price of these two coins. Token is a coin that players can mine in the game. One will receive Tokens each around based on how many miners and each miner’s miner lifetimes he or she has. Each cryptocurrency has a Dollar value and value will start from the initial values and change throughout the game.

Initial Values of Cryptocurrencies to Dollar:

One Bitcoin = 1000 dollars
One Ethereum = 100 dollars
One Token = 20 dollars

Value of each Cryptocurrency to Others (Ratio will not change throughout the game):

One Bitcoin = Ten Ethereums
One Ethereum = Five Tokens
One Bitcoin = Fifty Tokens


Front | Back

dApp cards are the property cards in Cryptonopoly, similar to the housing property card in Monopoly. dApp cards are valued based on Ethereum’s price, which players can buy with Ethereum when landed on an unclaimed dApp. Player will have to draw two question cards and answer correctly to one of the question before being granted to purchase the dApp. After purchasing a dApp, player can upgrade when landing on the dApp again. Player will also have to draw two question cards and answer correctly to one before being granted to upgrade the dApp. Each dApp can be upgraded two times only. Others will have to pay Ethereum when landing on someone else’s dApp. If the dApp is level two or above, players can draw one question card and answer correctly to only pay the base value of the dApp. The concept of dApp is based on the dApps, decentralized Applications, on the Ethereum network that blockchain developers’ develop in the real world.

Please visit here for more information on dApp in the real world.


A Miner is a mining machine that mines Token in Cryptonopoly, which players can purchase at the beginning of the game or each time after passing Go as the last move. Each miner costs 200 Dollars and each of them has three lives, each time the player passes Go, the miners will all decrease by one life. If a miner runs out of life, it is useless, which player won’t be able to receive any Token reward from it. Players can receive Token rewards based on how may miner lives each of his or her miners have.

Here is a simple form to calculate the Token rewards based on miner lives:

Three Lives = 100 Tokens
Two Lives = 50 Tokens
One Life = 25 Tokens

Chance Card

Chance cards in Cryptonopoly are similar to the chance cards in Monopoly, which are a deck of cards that contains both positive and negative events. Player will have to draw one card from the deck each time landing on chance column on the board. In Cryptonopoly, chance cards has two special cards, one called Market Bull and one called Market Bear. Both cards will influence the entire market prices of cryptocurrencies, which will influence other players’ cryptocurrency values. There are a total of 18 chance cards, and I will be adding more in the future if I have time.

Question Card

Question cards are blockchain Trivia questions that players will have to draw and answer correctly to purchase or reduce payment on dApps. The difficulties of the questions are evenly spread out and there are only multiple choices and true or false questions in the deck, making it easier for players to guess the answers. I have 40 questions in the deck so far.

The file below contains the full list of questions and answers
Blockchain Trivia Questions

Answer Key

Info Card

Players will have to draw an info card as the first move after each dice throw. Each info card contains a knowledge about blockchain that is also a blockchain trivia question in the question deck. Players can eventually learn all the answers to the blockchain trivia questions form the info card deck.

The file below contains the full list of questions and answers
Info List

User Dashboard

User dashboard is a player dashboard that lets players manage their cryptocurrencies. Each Player will get an user dashboard and each user dashboard contains three sections, Exchange, Personal Wallet, and Lock. Exchange will store cryptocurrencies that the player purchases with dollar, each round the player can move cryptocurrencies from Exchange into Personal wallet or vice versa. Both Exchange and Personal Wallet can be hacked or frozen, when that event happens the cryptocurrencies in the section will be moved to Lock, which the player won’t be able to use the cryptocurrencies in Lock before unlocking them. Every round’s token rewards from mining machine go straight to Personal Wallet, players can decide to accept Ethereum payment for passing dApps and other payments to either Personal Wallet or Exchange.

Printed Prototype

Board Setup

User Dashboard with coins

Fiat Currency

dApp Cards


Miner Machines with Miner Lives

Chance Card

Question Card

Video Demo